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Humor, smile, ease of use as the common denominator of products mipiacemolto.it

All this in an aesthetic frame that retains the functionality, utility, to the most advanced technological component.

The designer team likes to reinvent the worlds that surround us, to dream new needs and unexpected aesthetic.
The production aspect is pushed towards the optimization of the most advanced processes in the processing of raw materials (metals, wood, glass) and attention for all that they can be reused in green Key and on sustainability.

Openness to the world of things is seen favoring the real utility and always supporting the function of the type of product, before any possible aesthetic. The use of metal is pushed beyond search limit since knowledge in over 30 years of experience enables the optimization and care closer to these artifacts.

What does it mean? This pay-off is our hallmark.
The goods designated by this brand are fully and truly conceived, designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy.
Made in Italy guaranteed in all design and production phases: from the initial design to its realization.


mipiacemolto.it like all uses cookies.     More informations