Company history

Michele Casoli

Michele Casoli (36), Imar srl sole director

In 2012, Andrea Casoli, Imar srl business manager, gets in touch with a designer looking for a metal working company able to manufacture customized mailboxes. Being Imar srl specialized in steel processing, even though as bathrooms and hairdressers furniture manufacturer and it establishes itself in this sector in Italy and abroad. The company accepts to collaborate and that is when a new business begins.

Then, the brand comes to life (registered trademark by Imar srl) as a web-based start-up, selling Made in Italy design furniture only online. It is proud to have got a reality affirmed in metal furniture as direct supplier.

Commercial operations were entrusted to other business partners until businessman and designer Michele Casoli takes the initiative to take full control of the start-up and so creating a spin-off of Imar srl. That action gives him the chance to widen his trading area. Today the young promise of is growing and making its way through the electronic commerce breaking in all its arsenal of little metal animals in a total whimsical fashion and ready to invade houses and premises.

Youthful in the spirit, too: all employees have less than thirty years (female majority), the sole director under forty.


What we do and how we do it

The e-commerce site offers creative and innovative items and furnishings, joining together functional aesthetics and high-quality, typical of Made in Italy. The Brand is all about the customization of its products. The large but accurately selected range of designs and unique chromatic shades can be combined to suit the taste and style of each customer. The catalog, in fact, is constantly increasing, counting on the cooperation of numerous designers, fascinated by the challenge of a growing brand.

Leaning on the know-how and the solid reputation of the family business founded in 1955, the design, realization and manufacture are entirely made in-house, taking advantage of the most cutting-edge technology and focusing on innovation and development. Despite this, the company does not ignore sustainability: we are proud to work for a business with a low environmental impact and which promotes eco-friendly solutions, such as recycling and use of separate collection system of waste resource and use of renewable energy by amorphous solar panels, along with other certified initiatives to safeguard the countryside of Urbino, which hosts and inspires us.

Only the paint work is outsorced production… but we're no it.

Imar Works


Our future

The company has recently launched a collaboration with University of Studies "Carlo Bo" in Urbino. The students are taking part to the business restyling project, contributing with new ideas and creative inspiration, cause by the feeling a need to update both for the business plan and the e-commerce site, left untouched by now. Despite suggestions to consider a renaming and rebranding, we assure the business identity will not change. This consolidation process - still in progress - may cause temporary malfunctions of platform. That price to pay will worth a brand-new tailored e-commerce, with catchy grafic. Supported by a refreshed gallery just getting under way. This project called the attention and applications of photographers coming from all over Italy.

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